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We are an oak framed building company based near Market Harborough in Leics. its our passion to create beautiful traditional and contemporary structures using such a wonderful and inspiring material. We combine oak, glass, brick and stone to create your dream room. 
Our designers and craftsmen work alongside our friendly team of subcontractors to ensure the build process runs smoothly, from concept to completion.  


Our wealth of experience is evident in each Valley Oak project. Built to last, our oak frames are manufactured using heritage-inspired handcrafted techniques that provide endless possibilities for you and your project.

Why Oak?

Oak is a beautiful, versatile and symbolic material. Oak framed buildings feel somehow alive with atmosphere and warmth – they can be rich, rustic and charming; or light, innovative and spacious when combined with modern materials and architectural ideas. We craft all our period and contemporary oakwork using modern technologies as well as traditional hand craftsmanship, combining traditional detail and service with modern efficiency and value. Our affordable components are made to suit any specification – from a single beam right up to full oak houses and buildings – we can meet any designs and styles our customers require.