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Undertaking an oak frame self-build project – large or small – is a big decision to make. No-one knows better than those who have completed an oak frame project. Be inspired by the unique real-life stories of our previous clients who, with the help of Valley Oak, have taken their self-build from a sketch on a scrap of paper, to a building project, to a home.

Classic Ford Garage

Oak framed garage – The perfect home for your treasured collection.

Beautiful Boat House

If you are fortunate enough to have your own lake, what better way to spend time beside it.

Party Barn Restoration - Daventry

We were approached by the clients to restore their beautiful party barn. Which had been converted from farm dwellings some years previously. This beautiful barn burned down taking the roof and everything inside with it. All that was left were the brick outer walls.

Using our architects designs we hand built the new oak roof trusses and reinstated them, along with oak ridges and perlins.